X-Men Fatal Attractions-Amazon.com: X-Men: Fatal Attractions (9780785162452.

Amazon.com: X-Men: Fatal Attractions (9780785162452): Scott Lobdell, Peter David, J.M. DeMatteis, Larry Hama, Joe Quesada, Brandon Peterson, John Romita, Chris.

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  • Amazon.com: X-Men: Fatal Attractions (9781302901059. Amazon.com: X-Men: Fatal Attractions (9781302901059): Scott Lobdell, Peter David, J.M. DeMatteis, Joe Quesada, John Romita, Richard Bennett, Jae Lee, Paul Smith: Books
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  • Fatal Attractions (comics) - Wikipedia 'Fatal Attractions' is a major X-Men crossover written by Fabian Nicieza and Scott Lobdell, published by Marvel Comics in 1993. Spanning the entire line of books, it.
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