The World of Blandings Blandings Castle Pigs Have Wings (9781585670598): P. G.

Fans devoted to the master of comic fiction P. G. Wodehouse are legion. He represents an antic high point in the world of farce and social satire.

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  • Summer Lightning (9780393341614): P. G. '[Blandings] is an entire world unto itself and, one senses, Wodehouse pours into it his deepest feelings for England.' ―Stephen Fry. The Honourable Galahad.
  • Cary Grant - IMDb Cary Grant, Actor: Charade. Once told by an interviewer, 'Everybody would like to be Cary Grant', Grant is said to have replied, 'So would I.' Cary Grant was born.
  • Blandings Castle - Wikipedia Blandings Castle is a recurring fictional location in the stories of British comic writer P. G. Wodehouse, being the seat of Lord Emsworth (Clarence Threepwood, 9th.
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  • Pelham Grenville Wodehouse — Wikipédia Blandings Castle et lord Emsworth. Blandings Castle, dans le comté rural du Shropshire, est le théâtre des aventures aristocratiquement champêtres de lord.
  • The West Wing, Crom Castle » Castle Rental Accommodation The West Wing is the ultimate in luxury castle rentals. The Irish home of John Crichton, 7th Earl of Erne, it exudes all the charm of a personal residence, whilst.
  • P. G. Wodehouse – Wikipedia Es gibt Indizien, dass sich P. G. Wodehouse nach der strengen Erziehung bei der Pflegemutter in Bath und dem Internat in Croydon bereits auf der Schule auf Guernsey.
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