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  • Vladimir Lenin Biography - life, family, name, history. Vladimir Ilich Lenin was born in Simbirsk (today Ulianovsk), Russia, on April 10, 1870. His real family name was Ulianov, and his father, Ilia Nikolaevich.
  • Vladimir Lenin – Wikipedia Under slutet av 1919 blev Lenin alltmer övertygad om att tiden var mogen att sprida revolutionen västerut, med våld om nödvändigt, främst inspirerad av.
  • Ленин, Владимир Ильич — Википедия Возможно, содержание данной статьи нарушает принцип взвешенного изложения, представляя.
  • Мавзолей Ленина — Википедия Владимир Ленин с 1921 года страдал от атеросклероза, который привёл к резкому ухудшению.
  • Lenin: A New Biography (9781476764849): Dmitri. Volkogonov has written the definitive work on V.I. Lenin. The author, a former general in the Red Army, had unprecedented access to hitherto secret archives when.
  • Vladimir Lenin - Vikipedi Vladimir İlyiç Ulyanov, bilinen adıyla Lenin (22 Nisan 1870, Simbirsk – 21 Ocak 1924, Moskova), Rus sosyalist devrimci ve politikacı. Marksist-Leninist.
  • Vladimir Lenin | Biography, Facts, & Ideology | Vladimir Lenin: Founder of the Russian Communist Party, leader of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, and first head of the Soviet state.
  • Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: A Poem Paperback - 'Never have I wanted to be understood so much as in this poem. It is probably the most serious piece of work I have ever done.' Written in 1924, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
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